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Cold Pressed Diamond Turbo Saw Blades

Cold Pressed Diamond Turbo Saw Blades

About the Rock® SPECIALIZED Turbo Saw Blades:


  • Turbo grooves provide a cooling effect when rotating, generating a fast yet smooth cut.
  • Rock diamond blades are engineered for maximum diamond bond strength.
  • Blades are optimised for maximum speed and performance.
  • Ideal for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, cement block, brick, pavers, bluestone, granite, slate, terracotta and more.
  • Thinner blades provide faster and more precise cutting compared to standard turbo blades.


Cut faster and with expert precision. With its blade thinner than standard turbo blades, achieving a smooth and accurate cut is easier. Turbo grooves on the blade create a cooling effect that maximises the cutting speed and smoothness of the end result. Perfect for tradesmen who need a blade for a range of applications, the durable blade can cut delicate and tough materials from terracotta to reinforced concrete. 

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