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With 8 years in Australia, 4 years in the UK, and 4 years in the Middle East, I am a skilled professional known for exceptional coordination and product delivery. Excelling in complex projects, I synchronize all aspects for smooth operations. Streamlining processes, optimizing resources, and managing timelines are my strengths. A problem-solving approach ensures on-track projects and surpassing expectations. I value high-quality deliverables and cultural sensitivity, blending international experience into strategies. Adaptable and results-oriented, I thrive in dynamic environments. Leadership and coordination skills drive successful outcomes. With diverse work experience and an international perspective, I offer valuable skills and a unique approach to every project.

Omid Rismanchian, Director

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Hamed Gamini, Director

With an impressive 16 years as a supplier of high-quality power tool accessories from a manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise, I am a seasoned professional known for my technical knowledge and expertise. Throughout my career (including 4 years of experience at Bosch Tools in the Middle East), I have developed a deep understanding of power tools and accessories, enabling me to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients. As a dedicated supplier, my focus is on delivering exceptional quality and surpassing customer expectations. I maintain strong relationships with manufacturers to source reliable, durable, and top-notch power tool accessories. I stay updated with the latest industry advancements, ensuring accurate information and guidance for my clients. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, I offer tailored solutions that enhance the power tool experience, building long-lasting partnerships based on trust and reliability. 

Rocktools Team at Canton Fair [China Import and Export Fair] Guangzhou, Guangdong Province    

Rocktools Team at Perth Tradie Expo - Western Australia - 2023


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