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Hexagon Shank Chisel Flat Head

Hexagon Shank Chisel Flat Head

The Rock® SPECIALIZED Hexagon Shank Chisel is hardened steel with a rust-resistant and grey finish. It is a sturdy, hexagon-shaped chisel with a steel shank used for extirpating mortises and other woodworking. This chisel is a versatile tool used in various demolition applications. It can be used to remove flooring, bricks, tiles and more. It has hardened panels used for full-length use on concrete and masonry. Its handle makes it very easy to hold with two hands and operate. The hardening of the blade on the side gives you more strength and delivers a typical chiselling. It has excellent quality and long tool life.


About this item

  • Available in  various sizes
  • Chiselling for various demolition
  • Blades uniformly hardened for full-length use
  • Provides standard chiselling for various demolition applications in concrete and brick
  • Intended for mortising, demolition, and adjustment work as well as for restoring joints and clearing reinforcements


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