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PH65 Chisel Pointed

PH65 Chisel Pointed

The Rock® SPECIALIZED PH65A chisel is a versatile tool that meets the demands of diverse demolition applications. The blade is made of steel which is sharp enough to cut through concrete, brick and tiles. It is perfect for cutting, scraping and shaping materials. This chisel is made with a polished steel blade that has a special heat treatment that makes it very durable. The steel blade is then coated with chrome for rust resistance. The handle is made of solid steel that is oil-hardened for extra durability. It has a durable steel handle with a non-slip grip.


About this item

  • Wonderful product quality.
  • Enhanced tool-life
  • Provides standard chiselling for various demolition applications in concrete and brick.
  • Intended for mortising, demolition, and adjustment work as well as for restoring joints and clearing reinforcements.
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