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SDS Max Electric Hammer Drill Bits

SDS Max Electric Hammer Drill Bits

The Rock® SPECIALIZED SDS Max Drill Bits are designed for fast drilling. Our S-cutters and inclined side cutters enable very fast drilling. The SDS Max bits feature a vibration-optimized flute design for higher speeds, power transfer, reduced breakage and increased durability. The Extra-long length of this drill bit can allow you more control through hard materials without the need for an extension tube. It also minimizes breaking as it is made from durable solid carbide and not brittle high-speed steel. These drill bits last much longer than most standard drill bits, as they can withstand more pressure, are more resistant to heat and do not crack easily.


About this item

  • Greater durability
  • Enhanced product life
  • Incredibly effective drilling
  • Rapid drilling is available with solid carbide S-cutter and inclined side cutters.
  • The optimum power transfer and speed increases come from a vibration-optimized flute design.
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