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SDS Plus Chisel Pointed

SDS Plus Chisel Pointed

The Rock® SPECIALIZED Xtra Power SDS Plus demolition chisel offers greater durability and performance than competing brands at an affordable price. The SDS Plus demolition chisel is designed for brick, light concrete, and block and will not break easily when striking against hard surfaces like rebar and wire mesh. The sharp flat edge of the chisel allows for efficient material removal and clean cuts in soft materials. It’s made of high-quality material that guarantees its long-term usage. The comfortable grip provides the ultimate performance of the product. This blade can be resharpened to maintain its cutting performance multiple times during its service life, extending the overall value of this versatile tool.


About this item

  • Outstanding tool performance.
  • Excellent Quality and tool-life
  • Conventional chiseling for numerous construction applications in concrete and brick 
  • The flat cutting edge helps in good material removal in light applications
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