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TCT Saw Blades for Cutting Laminated Panels

TCT Saw Blades for Cutting Laminated Panels

The Rock® SPECIALIZED woodcraft TCT is a well-crafted Saw Blade with expansion gaps that is suitable for cutting all types of laminated panels, chipboard, softwood, hardwood, particleboard, fiberboard, etc up to 30mm. The blade, made with premium quality tungsten, has carbide tips attached to the teeth and comes in a coated layer to ensure a longer lifespan. The blade is hardened and well-strengthened to provide smooth, sharp, and safe cutting. In addition to being strong, it is also lightweight and causes no or less waste. Its well-balanced body also helps in the reduction of wobbling while using it. This blade in combination with a scoring blade gives an excellent finish on double-sided laminated panels up to 30mm.


About this item

  • Tungsten carbide circular blade
  • Crafted with high-grade tips
  • Cut without coolant
  • No burning and swirl marks, edge tear-outs or rough finishes.
  • With Expansion Gaps
  • Use on Table Saws
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